Rehabilitation Therapy

If your goal is to build strength, feel fit or gain peace of mind, my classes inspire this, incorporating that much needed attention and guidance. Whether its 1:1 or a small group session, you'll feel supported in your own individual practice.

I have practiced sports from a young age and through my own experiences, understand the importance of keeping flexibility of the body and mind. Whilst in London, I gained experience working with Rugby professionals who were recovering from injuries, gently guiding them into a restorative practice. 

I offer my clients a safe and slow rehabilitation, easing their bodies into yoga after injury, surgery or any period of disease or illness.  Contact me for more information, or check out my beginner class times or details below:

Those undertaking regular sport or exercise will benefit from the long, slow stretches that assist in relieving tightness given at my rehabilitation class. 

During this class we will learn to work deep into the fascia and connective tissue to keep you flexible. Great movement therapy for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Sunday 9am for 1 hour @ Crossfit Gym

Members or guests enquire with Emma

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

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