What Is Yoga?

It's widely known that Yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well being, and when Yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. Yoga provides an opportunity to become acquainted with our unique essence and get us back in-tune with ourselves.
According to Eastern medicine, it is believed that illness comes from certain energy blockages. Promoting the flow of prana (breath or vital life-force) together with postural (asana) yoga, we can combat the blockages and restore the basic condition for health. By combining different techniques such as massage, stretching and alterations of circulatory breathing patterns, yoga helps to promote specific changes in muscles, joints and organs - altering the vital functions of the body. 

Whilst yoga in the west is known for it's 'asana' (postural) practice, put simply, traditional yoga means 'path to truth' and this can be achieved by incorporating yoga into our everyday lives with simple practice of honouring our own natural rhythm - whether it's through mindfulness, breathing and/or posture work. 

Understanding the importance of healing the body and restoring it's natural functions to full health, I consider the unique needs of each individual student and encourage practice through gentle progress that is centred around what each student can achieve for themselves at that time. It is not a competition, nor a practice to lose weight and look good, although these are two vital bonuses that can be achieved! 

Yoga works all over the body and takes you into the deeper layers of yourself. Learning to tune into your breath in the correct way is a key element in my classes - with attention on the breath, the body moves itself.

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

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